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  • Inconel 625 Bar

Inconel 625 Bar

  • nickel alloy steel:Inconel 625
  • Size:5~500mm
  • Length:As per clients' requirements.
  • Surface:Bright or Black


UNS N05500/ W.Nr. 2.4375 Monel K500 nickel alloy steel round bar rod


Nickel Alloy 500 and Monel® K-500, commonly known as UNS N05500, is a nickel-copper based alloy which combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Nickel Alloy 400 with added advantages such as greater strength and hardness, making it superior to the other nickel-copper based alloys.  This is achieved through the addition of titanium and aluminum which is added into the overall composition of the material.  It has approximately twice the tensile strength and triple the yield strength of Nickel Alloy 400.   This superior strength is maintained up to 1200° F, and conversely stays ductile and tough down to temperatures of – 400° F.  Another advantage of Nickel Alloy 500 is that it stays non-magnetic at temperatures down to – 200° F which is ideal for applications where electronics are attached or in close proximity to the material where a magnetic field can be a disruption, such as downhole or tubing.  Additional characteristics of Nickel Alloy 500 include spark resistance and outstanding corrosion resistance in a wide range of chemical and marine surroundings, including salts, alkalies (or acid-like substances), and non-oxidizing acids.  NSA stocks a full range of Nickel Alloy 500 sizes and finishes; we receive our material from the mill age hardened (or aged) which has higher physicals than materials supplied in the annealed condition.


​The increased properties are obtained by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base, and by heating under controlled conditions so that submicroscopic particles of Ni3 (Ti, Al) are precipitated throughout the matrix. The thermal processing used to effect precipitation is commonly called age hardening or aging.


Typical applications for Monel Alloy K-500 products are chains and cables, fasteners and springs for marine service; pump and valve components for chemical processing; doctor blades and scrapers for pulp processing in paper production; oil well drill collars and instruments, pump shafts and impellers, non-magnetic housings, safety lifts and valves for oil and gas production; and sensors and other electronic components.


MONEL K500 is a age hardened alloy, whose basic composition makeup consists of elements like Nickel & Copper. Which combines the corrosion resistance of Alloy 400 with the high strength , fatigue resistance and erosion resistance.MONEL K500 is a nickel-copper alloy, precipitation hardenable through additions of aluminium and titanium. MONEL K500 has excellent corrosion resistant characteristics. These characteristics are similar to Monel 400.


Which means that the ASTM B865 UNS N05500 Hex Bar has enhanced strength, wear-resistance and hardness after precipitation hardening when compared with 400.Before the precipitation hardening of the ASTM B865 UNS N05500 Hex Bar , MONEL K500 can be strengthened further by cold working.As compared to alloy 400, the ASTM B865 N05500 Flat Bar is known to have three times its yield strength and twice its tensile strength .


Besides having good corrosion resistance in an extensive range of marine and chemical environments, the ASTM B865 Monel K500 Flat Bar has Excellent mechanical properties from sub-zero temperatures up to about 480C. Hence, their uses include Pumps and valves used in the manufacture of perchloroethylene, chlorinated plastics, Propeller and pump shafts.Typical application of the Monel K500 Bar that includes the need of high tensile & yield strength and corrosion resistance are pump shafts, impellers, valve components for ships and offshore drilling towers, bolting, propeller shafts, oil well drill collars, instrumentation components for oil and gas production.


Monel 500 bars are also especially well suited for applications in centrifugal pumps in the marine industry due its high tensile strength and low corrosion rates in high-velocity seawater.Because of its non-magnetic, nature MONEL K500 can be used for nonmagnetic applications . before aging, MONEL K500 should be annealed during welding following which stress should be relieved.Although Monel K500 Round Bar could be classified as difficult to machining, it can be noted that these alloys can be machined using conventional production techniques at satisfactory rates.


While machining these alloys tend to work harden rapidly. Thus, they generate high heat during cutting operations, get welded to the cutting tool surface and hence have a high resistance to metal removal because of their high shear strengths.


The following are which should be taken into consideration during machining operations:

  • The capacity of the machine should be rigid and overpowered as much as possible.

  • The Monel K500 Bar and tool should be held rigid and needs to be sharp at all times.

Monel K500 Rod most applications require high speed tools. High speed tools along, with lower production rates are often recommended for intermittent cuts for Monel 500 bars or rods.
ASTM B865 Monel Bar Condition

Hardened and tempered.
Precipitation hardened.


Alloy K500 Bar Surface finish

Cold drawn
Bright drawn
Slit rolled edge
Centreless ground
Hot finished
Cold finished
Hot rolled annealed and pickled
Peeled and turned
Rough turned/peeled
Smooth turned
Peeled and reeled


Monel K500 Bar Mechanical Properties

Melting Point
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset)
8.44 g/cm3
1350 °C (2460 °F)
Psi – 160000 , MPa – 1100
Psi – 115000 , MPa – 790
20 %


Monel K500 Round Bar Chemical Composition

Monel K500
63.0 min
0.5 – 2
0.25 max
1.5 max
0.5 max
27.0 – 33.0
2.3 – 3.15
0.010 max
0.35 – 0.85


AMS 4676 Monel K500 Bar Equivalent Grades

Monel K500


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