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  • 316Ti Spring Washer

316Ti Spring Washer

  • Material:316Ti
  • production:Spring washer


Stainless Steel Fastener UNS S31635 316Ti Spring Washer as DIN 127


Spring washers are used to provide spring forces in assemblies and in tight spaces. ... The forces can vary from a few ounces with thin wave spring washers, to thousands of pounds of force with conical/Belleville washers. Flat springs or disc spring washers are designed to accommodate static loads and dynamic loads.


1. Information about UNS S31635 316Ti

Chemical Properties

  C Ni Mn P S Si Cr Mo Ti Fe
MIN - 10.500 - - - - 16.500 2.000 0.400 Bal
MAX 0.080 13.500 2.000 0.050 0.030 1.000 18.500 2.500 0.700  


Mechanical Properties

  Yield Strength
0.2% Proof
Tensile strength
(% in 50mm)
MIN 170 485 40.00  
MAX       95


Physical Properties

Density kg/dm³ 8
Modulus of elasticity GPa 200
Thermal conductivity W/m°C 15
Heat capacity J/kg°C 500
Electrical resistivity µΩm 0.75
Poissons ratio   0.3



2. 2. Stainless Steel 316Ti Washer Fasteners

HT Pipe is a leading supplier, manufacturer, stockist and exporter of Stainless Steel 316Ti Washer in forms like Countersunk Washers, Dock Washers, Dome Tooth Washers, Dome Washers, Fender Washers, Flat Washers, Hex Washers, Hexagonal Washers, Lock Washers, Ogee Washers, Plain Washers, Split Washers, Spring Washers, Square Washers, Tab Washers, Tooth Lock Washers.
Other Names: Stainless Steel 316Ti Washer Fasteners.
Material: Stainless Steel 316Ti.
Manufacturer: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes

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4. Dimensions of DIN 127 A & B


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