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ASTM A213Download

ASME SA213 /ASTM A213 Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger Tubes
Material Grade T2 K11547 T5 K41545 T5b
T17 K12047 T21 K31545 T21
T92 K92460 T122 K91271 T911
TP304H S30409 TP304LN S30453 TP304L
TP310Cb S31040 TP310H S31009 TP310HCb
TP316H S31609 TP316L S31603 TP316N
TP321H S32109 TP347 S34700 TP347H
S30615 S30815 S31050 S21500 S31725
K51545 T5c K41245 T9 K90941
K21590 T23 K40712 T24 K30736
K91061 TP201 S20100 TP202 S20200
S30403 TP309Cb S30940 TP309H S30909
S31041 TP310HCbN S31042 TP310S S31008
S31651 TP316LN S31653 TP317 S31700
S34709 TP347LN S34751 TP348 S34800
S31726 S32615 S33228 TPXM-19 S20910
K11597 T12 K11562 K21001 T91
TP304 S30400 TP304N S30451 T11
TP309HCb S30941 TP309S S30908 T36
S31272 TP316 S31600 TP347HFG K90901
TP317L S31703 TP321 S32100 TP348H
S34809 XM-15 S38100 S25700