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Duplex steel S31803 SO flange to United Arab Emirates

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 ASTM A182 F51 UNS S31803 duplex steel SO flange is a type of flange made from 2205 duplex steel which is a combination of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. 

The ASTM A182 F51 duplex SO flange is commonly used in the oil and gas industry, chemical processing, petrochemical plants, and water treatment facilities. Duplex Steel 1.4462 Flange is also suitable for use in high-pressure applications where its superior strength and corrosion resistance can be fully utilized.
The unique properties of UNS S31803 duplex steel mean that it is able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making ASME SA182 Duplex Steel S31803 Flange a reliable and durable material for use in harsh conditions. Its ability to resist stress corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion also makes 1.4462 Duplex Flange an ideal material for use in aggressive and corrosive environments.
ASTM A182 F51 flange
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