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17-7PH Stainless Steel Sheet, Plate & Coil - AMS 5528, UNS S17700

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17-7 PH is a precipitation-hardened stainless steel that is well suited for aerospace and other applications requiring high strength and good corrosion resistance and formability. Type 17-7PH is a Chromium-Nickel-Aluminum, austenitic stainless steel. It is the most formable of all PH grades and has the highest strength and hardness. It is less magnetic than other PH grades and offers minimal distortion upon heat treatment. This material maintains its valuable properties at temperatures up to 800° F (427° C).
Standard Inventory Specifications 
UNS S17700 AMS 5528 ASTM A 693 ASME SA 693 W.NR 1.4541 PWA-LCS
GE-S400/1000 RR SABRe Edition 2 DFARS Compliant Common Trade Names
17-7 (® AK Steel)
ATI 17-7 (™ Allegheny Technologies)
T-17-7 Stainless Steel (ThyssenKrupp VDM)
Common Applications of 17-7 PH Stainless Steel 
Aerospace applications
Chemical processing equipment
Oil and petroleum refining equipment
Food grade stainless steel for processing equipment
General metalworking
Inventory Size Range
Sheet : 0.018" - 0.187"
Plate : 0.018" - 0.187"
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For a deeper understanding of the difference between 17-4 PH and 17-7 PH precipitation hardening alloys, request our white paper on the topic.
17-7PH Chemical Composition
17-7PH Physical Properties
Melting Range: 2560-2625°F (1404-1440°C)
Density: 0.2820 lb/in³
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (Annealed Condition)
Thermal Conductivity (TH 1050 Condition)
Magnetic Permeability (Annealed Condition)
Electrical Resistivity (Annealed Condition)
Microhm-cm: 80
Mechanical Properties and Yield Strength of 17-7PH
Room Temperatures (Annealed)
Ultimate Tensile Strength psi (MPa): 130,000 (896)
0.2% Tensile Yield Strength psi (MPa): 40,000 (276)
Elongation % in 2" (50mm): 35
Hardness Rockwell: B85