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Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Process Performance

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Commonly used stainless steel welded pipe   material has 304, 316, 409, 436, 321, 436, etc., different capable person the   process performance is also different, how is the process performance of 304   stainless steel welded pipe? 304 stainless steel has a good cold and   hot working performance, can be in all kinds of cold and hot working process,   gm's production of stainless steel welded pipe, hot working temperature range of   900-1180 ℃. Cold working easier, no special difficulty, because of two kinds of   steel is easy to be cold hardening, when cold deformation is too large, must be   in the middle of annealing treatment, for further processing.

1. Heat treatment process
304 stainless steel welded pipe of solid   solution treatment temperature of 1080-1100 ℃, cooling water or air cooling.   Cold intermediate annealing temperature more than in 850-970 ℃, heat   preservation water after a certain time. After solid solution treatment   organizations for austenitic steel, sometimes there is also a small amount of   ferrite.

2. The welding
304 stainless steel welded pipe   inhibition of carbide precipitation during welding, welding can use generic   methods. Manual electric arc welding, carbon 0.04% - 0.04% of the thin section   size of 304 stainless steel can be adopted the 002 electrode, don't produce   intercrystalline corrosion tendency after welding, the thick section, to keep   the intergranular corrosion resistance after welding, the need to heat treatment   after welding and without heat treatment, should be changed to austenitic   stainless steel 304 l stainless steel or stable.

3. The cold forming performance
304 stainless steel thin plate in the   application process, often used in cold forming operation. The cold forming   performance is smooth shape and yield of the measure of important technical   indicators. The cold forming factors influencing the 304 stainless steel is   more, is also very complex. In terms of its metallography factor mainly is a   result of steel composition, namely the ratio of chromium and nickel equivalent   to the conventional tensile properties of elongation index is an important   characterization. In order to obtain good cold forming performance, should be   controlled in the steel ratio of chromium and nickel equivalent in an   appropriate range.

4. The application
Equipment used for food, general chemical   equipment, atomic energy industrial equipment parts, etc., are widely used.   Suitable for deep drawing parts and acid pipeline, container, etc. Vehicles,   auto parts boxes, home appliances are using this material. It is in the   austenitic stainless steel production and consumption of steel, most used in the   production of thin-walled, acid pipeline and parts, etc. Also often for chromium   nickel stainless steel and stainless steel welding core material, non magnetic   components and use components such as low temperature environment.