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Different Application and Importance of INCONEL

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 Did you ever think of differentiating between the two alloys such as INCONEL and MONEL? Do you know about their application and what is their specialty? Probably not! The current write-up is thus intended to make our readers aware about different types of nickel chromium alloys such as INCONEL 601 sheet/plate, INCONEL 625 Sheet/Plate and INCONEL 625 Pipes/Tubes, etc.

ICONEL is the most primitive allow especially nickel chromium alloy that is being commonly employed in variety of applications related to extreme heat, corrosion due to high temperature, and other severe conditions. Some of the specific of them have been explained herewith:

INCONEL 601 sheet/plate

This is a type of nickel chromium alloy with an adulteration of an aluminium to offer exclusive resistance to corrosion due to oxidation, as well as other temperature fluctuations. Due to the mentioned specificity, this type of alloy system is highly preferred for preparing sheet and plates in the oil and gas industry. Their incorporation in the supply of oil as well as different dangerous gases allow error free operations, suitable to the industry specific requirements.

INCONEL 625 sheet/plate

This type of product system has been widely preferred in the marine as well as petrochemical industries due to their variety of specialties, such as fabricability, toughness, anti-corrosive property, incorporation of higher strength to the system, etc. In fact, with the increased adulteration of titanium content in the alloy, its strength can be significantly increased by heat treatment.


Thus, nickel containing alloys play a significant role in our day to day life. The alloy is being widely used in many food industries, mobile phones, medical equipments, building and power generation plants. They are highly preferred in these industries due to their anti-corrosive properties, toughness, better strength and ability to withstand extremely high as well as low temperatures.

Some of the most acknowledged applications of these alloys can be:

  1. The alloy is used in manufacturing stainless steel utensils as well as some demanding applications like manufacturing of chemical plants, gas turbines, etc.
  2. These nickel alloys with higher percentage of iron can well be used for industries, such as electronics as well as coinage and marine engineering.
  3. Nickel is currently the primary factor in many rechargeable battery systems such as electronics, power tools, emergency power supply, transport industry etc.
  4. In several countries Nickel has been found to be of considerable economic importance due to its wide applications in the end use industries; and moreover, its ability to be recycled.

The use of these alloys with nickel and chromium content can have very significant contribution to the society in the context of health, safety as well as environmental protection.