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Nickel 200 Bars Vs Nickel 201 Bars- Which One Is Best For You?

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Nickel 200 Bars Vs Nickel 201 Bars- Which One is Best For You?

Nickel 200 bars and Nickel 201 bars are made up of nickel 200 and nickel 201 alloys respectively that are a solid solution strengthened that is commercially pure wrought materials. Also, the alloy is having excellent mechanical properties over the ranges of temperature and very good resistance to several corrosives. The elemental restriction of both the grades are together combined, dual certified chemistry is resulting in single grade along with all desired features of both the grades. Nickel 201 is the modification of the alloy 200 for controlling the carbon that is keeping it against embrittlement by the intergranular precipitates at the temperature ranging of 600 Deg F – 1400 Deg F in several processes.


Characteristic of nickel 200/201 alloy-


It offers very good resistance ability to sulfuric and hydrochloric acids at the self-effacing temperatures as well as concentration.

It is highly resistant to several reducing chemicals.

Good thermal, electrical as well as magnetostrictive properties are making it best alloy.

It is excellently resistant to caustic alkalis.

It possesses high electrical conductivity.

It is used greatly for handling caustic soda.

Excellent resistance against dry fluorine is also found in it.

Resistance ability to alkaline and neutral salt solutions is found in it.

Very good corrosion resistance to both natural waters and distilled waters is also found.

Both nickel 201 and nickel 200 alloys are offering resistance to reducing and neutral media and oxidizing atmosphere resulting in oxidizing media to permit passive oxide film formation. The oxide film accounts for material possessing a resistance in caustic atmospheres. Corrosion resistance in a rural atmosphere and the marine atmosphere is low.


Nickel 200/201 resistance to corrosion by the neutral and distilled water is very good. It also gives better serviceability into a flowing sweater at greater velocity, but low-velocity seawater severe local attacks might occur in the fouling organisms.  In the hot water system wherein the steam-containing carbon dioxide and air in few proportions, the corrosion rate will be a little bit higher, but will get decrease with time if the condition is favoring protection film formations.


Description of Nickel 200/201 bars-


Nickel 200 bars and Nickel 201 bars are the hardest material good for industrial applications. These bars are meeting demands of excellent resistance in high temperature/room temperature and are having good strength. Also, it is having good mechanical properties with good oxidation resistance properties. These bars are said to be highly demanding good as it is carrying features that strength at every point.


In these bars, you will see the use of nickel is at the greater extent that strengthens product very well and enhances essential properties. Heading towards the resistance feature then it doesn’t react to the sodium and other acids that reduce properties of any alloy. These bars ensure long-lastingness and durability services. Several testing is done on nickel 200 bars and nickel 201 bars for checking whether it is able to bear high weight or chemical attacks or not.


Hydrostatic testing is also done that is for checking the strength of these bars and ensure that creep resistance property works very well. Nickel 200 bars and Nickel 201 bars are now used in numbers of industrial applications without worries of getting damaged. Thus, it can be concluded that both the bars are right for industrial applications like gas processing, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.