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304 & 304L Pipe Bend to Russia

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  We are a well-known 304 stainless steel products manufacturer, the ANSI B16.9 SS 304/ 304l/ 304h Long Radius Bend allows for insertion into pipes as its long body ensures no room to leak and also helps maximize waste discharge. In addition, it provides cleaning and sanitation services for food processing, which can be shipped to any location within the customer's time constraints.
304L Long Radius Bend elbow

304L Stainless steel Pipe Fittings have high tensile strength, yield strength, creep strength, high heat resistance, as well as anti-corrosive properties. Our butt weld Fittings have very good durability and excellent mechanical properties. 

HT PIPE provides 304 and 304L stainless steel pipe fittings, 304 elbow, 304L reducing elbow, ss304 tee, 304L reducer, 304 seamless pipe fitting, 304L butt welding pipe fitting, 304L cross, 304 pipe cap, 304L stub end, professional butt Welded Pipe Fittings Exporter.
The butt weld pipe fittings types we can offer: Elbows, Long Radius Elbows, Long Radius Reducing Elbows, Long Radius Returns, Short Radius Elbows, Short Radius 180-deg Rerurns, 3D elbows, Straight Tees,Straight Crosses, Reducing Outlet Tees, Reducing Outlet Crosses, Lap Joint Stub Ends, Caps, Reducers, Eccentric Reducer, Concentric Reducer, 30° 45° 60° 90° Long Radius Short Radius Bend, Bend, 180º Elbow

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