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Hot Tap Split Tees

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Hot Tap Split Tees
We manufacture hot-tap split tees with a run size range of ½" to 30" and a branch size range of ½" to 24". We offer wall thicknesses up to 2.00" for our split tees.

Our split tees are manufactured in:

A234 WPB & A234 WPC
Low Temp
A420 WPL-6
A234 WP-11, WP-22, & WP-5
High Yield Materials
MSSSP75 WPHY-42 through Y-70
A860 WPHY-42 through Y-70
We can also attach flanges to our split tees. Flange welds include 100% radiographic examination. Backing strips and grooves are included when requested by the customer. We are also able to provide dimensional drawings for our hot-tap fittings.