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Hastelloy C-276 Mesh

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Hastelloy C-276 Mesh

1.Prolong reliable functionality in reducing and oxidizing conditions
2.Prevent corrosion in chloride and fluoride media
3.Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch
4.Wire Dia: 0.03mm to 8.0mm

Hastelloy C-276 Mesh (UNS N10276) is available with wire mesh and perforated metal. 
It specifically used in the corrosive conditions involving reducing and oxidizing media such as chlorides and fluorides.
It also provides excellent corrosion resistance in acids, oxidizing salts and other corrosive conditions including
sulfur, chlorine and fluorine based media. Hastelloy C276 Mesh is widely used in pulp and paper production,
pollution control and chemical processing plants such as flue gas desulfurization systems.

Properties of Hastelloy C276 Mesh:

  • Resistance to diverse oxidizing and reducing media
  • Resistance to localized corrosion and SCC
  • High precision
  • Great Strength

Hastelloy C276 Mesh Chemical Composition:

Mo Cr Fe W Co C Si Mn V P S Ni
15-17 % 14.5-16.5 % 4 – 7 % 3 – 4.50 % 2.50 % 0.02 % 0.08 % 1 % 0.35 % 0.03 % 0.03 % Bal

Property Data Hastelloy C276:

Density 0.321 lb./in.(3) at 72oF or 8.89 g/cm(3) at 22oC
Melting Point 2415 to  2500 or 1323 to 1371
Electrical Resistivity 51 microhm-in. at 75oF or 1.30 microhm-m at 24oC
Modulus of elasticity 29.8 Psi or 205 GPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion 6.2 microin./in.-°F or 11.2 x10 (-6) m/m-K at 75 to 200oF or 24 to93oC
Thermal conductivity 71 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F or 10.2 W/m-K at100of or 38oC
Ultimate tensile strength 100.8 Ksi or 695 MPa
Yield strength at 0.2 % offset 42.1 ksi or 290 Mpa (heat processed at 2050oF, rapid cooling)
Elongation % in 2 inch 56

Hastelloy alloys are commonly used in chemical processing, aerospace and land based gas turbine and marine engineering.
They also provide great performance in oil & gas, pharmaceutical and flue gas desulfurization processes.