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Distribution of major nickel resources in the world

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China is very short of nickel resources, and its external dependence on nickel is more than 80%. In order to meet the strong demand of domestic stainless steel industry, a large number of nickel resources need to be imported from abroad every year.

The imported nickel resources mainly include three forms: nickel ore, nickel intermediate products and electrolytic nickel.

Indonesia and the Philippines are the two largest sources of nickel.

The main sources of electrolytic nickel imports are Russia, Canada, Norway, Japan and Australia.

Distribution of nickel ores: 1. Laterite nickel ores: mainly distributed in Cuba, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brazil near the equator. 2. Sulfide nickel ore: mainly distributed in Canada, Russia, Australia, China, South Africa and other countries.

The largest nickel mining area in the world, in southeast Ontario, Canada, on the north side of Huron, there is a mining city, Sudbury. It is the largest nickel ore area in the world.

China's three major nickel mines are: Jinchuan nickel mine, karatongke nickel mine and Huangshan nickel mine. The main manufacturers are: Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., Jilin gene nickel Co., Ltd., Xinjiang nonferrous metals industry (Group) Fukang Smelter.

There are many reasons that affect the trend of Shanghai nickel. 2. Constraints on upstream and downstream costs. 3. Import and export policy and exchange rate. And all kinds of uncertainties.