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  • duplex steel S32550 bars and rods

Duplex steel S32550 bars and rods

  • Duplex steel: S32550
  • Size: 5~500mm
  • Length: As per clients' requirements.
  • Surface: Bright or Black


Duplex steel S32550, also known as F61, Ferralim 255, 1.4507, is a highly corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel. It is a combination of high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications. Duplex steel S32550 bars and rods are a great choice for industries that require high-performance and durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.

These bars and rods are made from a duplex stainless steel grade that combines austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. This composition provides excellent resistance to corrosion in harsh environments, making it ideal for use in chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, marine and offshore applications, and many others.

Duplex steel S32550 bars and rods Chemical Requirements
Grade C≤ Mn≤ P≤ S≤ Si≤ Ni Cr Mo Cu Fe
UNS S32550 0.025 0.80-1.20 0.025 0.005 0.7 4.50-6.50 24.00-27.00 2.90-3.90 0.10-0.25 1.50-2.50 Bal


Duplex steel F61 bars and rods Physical Properties
Density ( Kg/m3 ) Elastic Modulus ( Gpa ) Co-eff of Expansion ( µm/m/°C Thermal Condc. (W/m.K) Electric Resistivity (nΩ.m)
7850 200 14.5 19 850

In addition to its corrosion resistance, duplex steel S32550 bars and rods have superior mechanical properties such as high yield strength, fatigue resistance, and toughness, enabling them to withstand the most demanding and challenging operations.

UNS S3250 Mechanical properties
Tensile strength, Rm: 700 - 900 MPa
The yield point, Rp0,2: >500 MPa
Elongation, A:> 25%
Modulus of elasticity, E: 200 GPa
Hardness, HB: <270
Thermal capacity, cp: 500 J * kg-1 * K-1
Thermal conductivity, λ: 15 W * m-1 * K-1
Linear expansion coefficient, α: 13.0 * 10-6 K-1
Specific resistance, Ω: 0.8 mkOhm * m

Furthermore, these bars and rods are easily machinable and weldable, making them cost-effective and reliable for use in various industrial settings. They can be used in the construction of pipelines, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and other critical components in power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities.

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