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  • ASTM B564 UNS N02200 forgings rings discs parts

ASTM B564 UNS N02200 forgings rings discs parts

  • Material Grade:ASTM B564 UNS N02200
  • Products Form:forgings rings discs parts
  • Manufacturing Standard:As per drawing

ASTM B564/ASME SB564 Standard Specification for Nickel Alloy Forgings镍合金锻件
Material Grade UNS N04400 UNS N06600 UNS N06690 UNS N08120 UNS N08800
UNS N10276 UNS N06022 UNS N08367 UNS N06059 UNS N06058
UNS N10242 UNS N06686 UNS N12160 UNS N02200 UNS N10624
UNS N06603 UNS N06025 UNS N06045 UNS N06210 UNS N08811
UNS N06200 UNS N06219 UNS N08031 UNS N06230 UNS N06617
UNS N10629 UNS N08031 UNS N06045 UNS N06025 UNS R20033
UNS N08020 UNS N08024 UNS N08026 UNS N10276 UNS N08367
UNS N08810 UNS N06035 UNS R20033 UNS N06110 UNS N10665
UNS N08825 UNS N10675 UNS N06625 UNS N10629 UNS N06686
UNS N10665
Product Form
Flanges(ASME B16.47,B16.48,B16.5,
MSS SP44,BS10,BS3293,BS4504,
WN(welding-neck);SO(slip-on);PL(Plate);BL(Blind);Th(Threaded);SW(scket-welding);LF/SE(lapped flange/stub end);LWN(long welding neck);Orifice flange;Reducing flange;API flange;Integral/Compact flange;
Spectacle blind,
Lind spade and spacer,Paddle blind,Paddle spacer;Orifice plate;Pipe plate,Bleed ring,Overlap Flange.
ASME B16.11 Forged threaded fittings:90-deg elbow,45-deg elbow,tee,cross,coupling,half-coupling,cap,square head plug,hex head plug,round head plug,hex head bushing,flush bushing,street elbows
ASME B16.11 Fogred socket weld fittings:90-deg elbow,45-deg elbow,tee,cross,coupling,half-coupling,cap
MSS SP83 Steel Pipe Unions(socket welding and threaded end)
MSS SP95 swage nipples,bull plug(ends may be threaded,beveled,plain)
MSS SP79 socket welding reducer inserts
MSS SP97 weldolets,threadolets,sockolets,flangolets,elbolet,sweepolets,saddle,nipolets,brazolets,latrolets,insertolets
Forgings Forgings,Rings,Discs,Disks,Tubesheets,Shaft,Sleeves,Bars,Valves,etc.

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