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Dimensions of Lap Joint Stub Ends-ASME B16.9

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 Dimensions of Lap Joint Stub Ends

Drawing of Lap Joint Stub Ends

Dimensions of Lap Joint Stub Ends
(1) Gasket face finish shall be in accordance with ASME B16.5 for raised-face flanges.
(2) The lap thickness, T, shall not be less than nominal pipe wall thickness. Tolerance see Lap Joint Stub Ends tolerance sheet.
(3) When short pattern stub ends are used with larger flanges in Classes 300 and 600, with most sizes in Classes 900 and higher, and when long pattern stub ends are used with larger flanges in Classes 1500 and 2500, it may be necessary to increase the length ofthe stub ends in order to avoid covering the weld with the flange. Such increases in length shall be a matter of agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser.
(4) When special facings such as tongue and groove or male and female are employed, additional lap thickness must be provided and such additional thickness shall be in addition to (not included in) the basic length, F.
(5) These dimensions conform to the radius established for lap joint flanges in ASME B16.5.
(6) This dimension conforms to standard machined facings shown in ASME B16.5. The back face of the lap shall be machined to conform to the surface on which it sits. Where ring joint facings are to be applied, use dimension K as given in ASME B16.5.