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Hexagon socket countersunk head screws DIN7991

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 DIN7991 Countersunk head hexagon socket screw, the head is conical, the middle is concave hexagon, the head of the screw can be embedded into the mounting surface, the surface is smooth and beautiful.

The head of countersunk hexagon socket screw can be embedded into the member, which can impose greater torque and higher connection strength, and can be used as a substitute for hexagon bolts.It is often used in the joint where the structure is compact and the appearance is smooth.

Look at the picture to talk, the following to know the sinking head hexagon socket screw:

DIN7991 inner hexagon countersunk head screw is refer to the German standard DIN7991-1986, standard thread specification from M3 - m2-m24 ISO metric thread, product level to A level of inner hexagon countersunk head screws.

DIN7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head screws